China brand perfect quality roller blinds

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Noyark’s Revolutionary Product of Electric Motorized Window Roller Blinds/Curtains !

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Thickness: 0.08mm/0.1mm
  • Width: ≤2.2m
  • Format: Electric
  • Fabric Material: Plastic (PET)
  • Type: Roller, Roller Shades
  • MOQ: ≥3㎡
  • Product Details


    1.  Fabric: Wide Flame-retardant Smart Flexible Film

    Color Navy Blue I Color Navy Blue II
    UV Blocking 99.9% UV Blocking 98.8%
    IR Blocking 88% IR Blocking 78%
    VLT 13% VLT 25%
    Thickness 0.1mm Thickness 0.08mm
    Width ≤2.2m Width ≤2.2m

    2. Motor

    Wireless Motor
    Input Voltage 5VDC Torque 0.3N·m
    Current 0.75A Rotate Speed 30r/min
    Power 5W Diameter 15MM
    Motor with Wires
    Input Voltage 110~240VAC Torque 0.7-1.1N·m
    Current 0.36A Rotate Speed 32r/min
    Power 13.9W Diameter 25mm
    IP Rating IP44 Weight 0.43KG

    Remark: Manual control mode smart blinds is also available for sale.




    1. Blinds

    blinds - 副本

    electric roller blinds.jpg

    2. Accessories                         

    Remote Control Charger
     4  3
    Bracket Screws


    1. Heat Insulation, Save On Energy Bills. 

    Our smart blinds dramatically lower air conditioning costs in warmer months, and reflect heat back into the building during the winter months.

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    2. Ultraviolet-proof.

    Our smart blinds reflects almost 100% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays to protect your skin and help reduce fading of interior floors, upholstery, furnishings and merchandise.

    3. Anti-glare.  

    The glare causes fatigue and lower productivity. Our smart blinds blocks glare while allowing natural light to pass through the glass, protecting your eyes and improving visibility on computer and devices.

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    4. Healthy and Eco-friendly. 

    Adopting environmental-friendly materials, NO VOC and it doesn’t trap bacteria and viruses.

    5. Comfortable. 

    One way visison, it doesn’t block exterior objects/views, making your living space or workplace open to avoid depressive atmosphere, meanwhile, protecting your privacy.

    6. Durable. 

    Without being aging, the lifespan is more than 20 years.

    7. Easy to Install and Clean. 

    Anti-static treatment of polymer nanomaterials, which can effectively resist dust in the air, easy to cleancan be directly wiped with a cleaning cloth.



    Noyark smart blinds is widely used in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Transportation, Government and Arts & Entertainment fields all over the world.



    window film factory 1.jpg 

    window film factory 2.jpg


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